Our Team

We’re on a mission to take the pain out of grocery shopping by building an AI shopping assistant that does it all for you. Behind it will sit a marketplace allowing you to shop at any supermarket, recipe box or any of the other myriad ways of getting food in the future.

Our founding team has built or scaled businesses such as Monzo, Florence and Curve and know what it takes to build customer bases of millions of users. We believe that companies born in 2020 need to address societal pain points at the same time as customer pain points so if we get this right we hope to do our bit to support working parents struggling with the pressures of daily life and maybe reduce the £10B of food thrown away each year. When executing, we believe in thinking big, moving fast and doing the right thing. We aim for "just enough process" to prevent chaos and getting the work done in the way that suits you.

We're looking for ambitious folks to join us. Check out our careers page.

Our experience

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  • Photo of Tom Foster-Carter

    Tom Foster-Carter


  • Photo of Chris Parsons

    Chris Parsons


  • Photo of Ruth Waxman Barth

    Ruth Waxman Barth


  • Photo of Adam Stone

    Adam Stone


  • Photo of Beth Toms

    Beth Toms


  • Photo of Kale Tyler Brower

    Kale Tyler Brower

    UI Design

  • Photo of Deon Tan

    Deon Tan

    Software Engineer

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