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Nasi Goreng Chicken Stir Fry

Under 20 Minutes
Total time
20 Minutes
Total cost
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Dahl with Crispy Onions, Nigella, and Coriander

Total time
30 mins
Total cost
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Tempeh Bolognese with Broccoli

Total time
about 1 hour
Total cost
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"Lollipop is indispensable for my weekly food shop now. I can quickly shop my regular meals or try something new without having to think about it too long, it saves me so much time!"

Sarah, London

"I enjoy shopping and cooking again! As a busy mum, I was stuck in a rut with meals, Lollipop made it easy to discover new recipes"

Cathrine and family, Cardiff

"We love being a part of the Lollipop community. It's a community where if you need help, somebody is always there. You know that if you say something to Lollipop it's likely to get implemented"

Luke and Sophie, North London

"Me and my husband absolutely love Lollipop. We’ve tried all the food cook boxes, but find them wasteful (packaging-wise) and not flexible enough for our needs. Lollipop has changed this"

Joey and Rowan, London

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this like Gousto or HelloFresh?

Yes and no. Lollipop helps you find tasty new recipes to add variety to dinner time, but rather than sending pre-measured ingredients, we use normal supermarket products - so it's all part of your weekly shopping routine. Using Lollipop is cheaper too!

Cost per serving is based on the average price for 4 recipes for 4 people and including all premium recipe surcharges and delivery costs (however excluding offers or discounts and any kitchen staples such as oil, salt, and pepper)

Lollipop figure is based on all comparable dinner recipes (excluding lower priced breakfast and brunch items) with the £2.97 figure including all staples which a consumer may have in their kitchen (e.g. garlic gloves, soy sauce etc.) and the £2.52 figure excluding these staples.

All data was collected on Friday 16th September.

Is it just meals or the whole grocery shop?

The whole shebang! By partnering with Sainsbury’s, Lollipop helps you do the whole of the grocery shop. We’ll assist you with meal planning and ensure you can easily add anything else you’d normally get in your big shop. Never forget the loo-roll!...

Is it really free?

Yes! It’s totally free to use Lollipop. You can shop the entire product range of our partner, Sainsbury's at exactly the same prices and offers that you’d see in-store. 

How do you shop on Lollipop?

Our meal-first approach makes it super easy to plan and shop delicious meals in just a few clicks. Set up playlists for your household essentials and fill your basket in seconds with everything else you need for the week. Your products are delivered by our trusted supermarket partner Sainsbury’s. Hurrah! big shop, done.

Where do your recipes come from?

We have a dedicated team of in-house chefs, creating new and delicious meals every week to suit all lifestyle and dietary preferences. We also partner with BBC Good Food.

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