The big shop in little time

Lollipop is creating a smart shopping assistant that does the weekly grocery shop for you.

Meal planner screenshot

Shop by recipe

Use our selection of recipes to mix up the dinner time rut and cook simple, family-friendly meals you'll instantly love. Let you eyes do the feasting and we'll build the basket.

Fill your basket at lightning speed

Get everything else you need from the big shop. Add regulars in one-click with your shopping 'playlists' and select from items you've recently ordered to speed things up

Get the slot you need

Get your shopping when you need it by choosing a day and time that works for you. Then, let our partners take care of the rest.

Plan your meals

Dinners for the entire week sorted in just a few minutes. Stick to your go-tos or mix it up with the perfect dose of inspiration to escape chicken-on-repeat. Watch the magic happen as everything you need is added to your basket.

“It's the recipes I love the most. One less thing to think about and headspace for me is the most precious thing. Headspace is everything.”

Lucy, Mum of 3

Make it your own

Just like mama used to make... Create personalised playlists to group together ingredients for your own favourite recipes or make mini shopping lists that you can add to your basket with a single click.

“This is a gamechanger!!! I love the recipe selection and how easy it is to plan out meals for the week.”

Ava, Aspiring chef

Help us create the future of shopping

We're still cooking Lollipop up behind the scenes to make sure it works as expected and has all the features people need to do the big shop in little time. We're looking for people to join Alpha to help us get the first version of Lollipop just right.

Sign up for the Alpha
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